This is maybe one of the greatest wild life phenomenon on the planet ever captured on lens!

In the sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico, a massive congregation of Munkiana Devil Rays, relative of manta rays, was captured by a German photographer Florian Schulz, displaying unusual event which he dubbed as the Flight of the Rays.

But as this wonderful perspective shows, for all the individuals leaping out that are visible at sea level, there are many more below the surface. The jaw-dropping image below shows only a quarter of the whole scene.

No one knows why the rays gather like this, whether to mate, herd prey or migrate or just for the sheer joy of being together.


We would all just probably end up playing with this clever dog all day anyways. [Video]

Yo guys…

Does anyone of you misses the-real-poetic-rambler too?




I just want a cute girlfriend who will sit on my lap at parties and on my face in the bedroom.

Lord you’d be the perfect boyfriend

Well I’m a woman so probably not

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So, it’s been a while since I last showed my face around here… Not that you all care but hi. I’m still alive. :)

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Sweet meal ~ By Rodolfo Hernández (Dryke)

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Peter Q: Or sometimes we play monopoly.

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Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.

Ok just a reminder to everyone: If you’re planning on tweeting billie joe armstrong “wake up” or something tomorrow, DON’T. The song is about his father’s death and so it’s really personal and treating it like a joke isn’t the right thing to do. Plus he’s asked so many times for people to stop and no one listens so yeah. Please don’t do that.

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